The benefits of losing weight

Although losing weight is among many people’s goals, most of them are doing it to look better or fit in certain clothes. This notwithstanding there many more reasons to lose weight that are of great benefit to you. The following are some of the benefits of losing weight.

Preventing Chronic Inflammation

One of the downsides of being overweight is the extra risk of developing chronic inflammation. Normal inflammation is critical in our healing process ones we get injured. This same inflammation can be harmful due weight gain. Chronic Inflammation exposes the affected to diseases such as stroke and heart disease. There is hope though in the form of losing weight, once an obese person loses weight, most of the inflammation problem goes away.

Help improve your mood

Among the effects of losing weight is a reduction in stress. Stress reduction results in better and longer sleep time, this then leads to less food consumption. The reason for this is that while you are asleep, you need far much less food. With reduced food consumption, comes better appetite control and even more weight loss. The reduced weight and longer better sleep mean that previously obese people become less irritable and more comfortable in their own bodies. Lost weight finally leads to a better mood.

Help maintain healthy joint

Today, it is common to hear old people complain about their aching joints. One reason for this is due to the fact that they started gaining excess fat from a young age. Being overweight puts extra pressure on your joints. The more you walk the more wear and tear takes place in your joints. Over time the simple act of walking starts to become painful. Losing weight, on the other hand, helps prevent this wear and tear and keep your joints healthy.

Better Living

A major reason why people fail to commit to weight loss exercises is the slow progress the process takes. Focusing too much on your target weight will often work to discourage you than helping you. The secret to this issue is realizing that every little weight loss helps. This way you will appreciate every progress that you make. The outcome of this is more will to continue, more energy, vitality and then better living.

Helps strengthen your heart

Another benefit of losing weight is the fact that weight loss makes your heart healthier. Too much weight is often accompanied by high cholesterol levels. This cholesterol sticks to the inner arteries and puts you at a higher risk of getting a heart attack. Weight loss solves this problem with the reduction of the cholesterol levels and reduces your risk to suffering from a heart attack. The best thing with this is that you don’t need to drop your weight by a high percentage. Weight loss of about 10 percent of your body is enough to take you off the risk of heart attacks.

Weight loss brings a lot of positive changes in your body. These benefits range from better living, stronger heart, and healthier joints among others.

Fat Burning Properties of Yoga

Before focusing on yoga and burning fat one needs to know the requirements of body fat reduction. To reduce the amount of fat in your body, you have to adopt a few lifestyle changes. According to Dr. Mercola, excess body fat comes from,

1. Consuming unhealthy foods

2. Lack of exercise

3. Lack of enough sleep

4. Stress

5. Prenatal effect

6. Pollution

Any action that is taken to reduce fat focuses on diet exercises and healthy sleep practices. To understand how effective Yoga is against fat we will look at how it handles the causes of excess fat.

Steps to burn fat

From the definition, Yoga is made up of a group of physical and spiritual practices that originated from ancient India. For the purpose of fat burning the main focus is on the physical and the spiritual part of the definition. This alone, however, does not provide the entire answer because it does not link physical activity and fat burning. For a physical activity to result in fat reduction it has to involve a strenuous activity. The way this works is that undertaking a strenuous activity causes your body to use more energy and increase your heart rate. Using more energy results in your body using the food you eat for energy. For faster and more effective fat burning you need to consume fewer calories than you use.

The other approach to fat burning is the elevation of the heart rate. Strenuous activities always result in higher heart rates. Fat burning is at its maximum at your highest heart rates, this is because at these rates your body burns more calories. At the core of it, fat burning boils down to simple arithmetic. Consuming fewer calories than you are using will result in effective fat burning. Sleep is the last focus in fat burning. The argument here is that the body burns more fat while you are sleeping. For Yoga to qualify as an effective fat burning exercise, it has to convincingly fulfill these three qualifications.

Yoga and burning fat

When it comes to strenuous activity Yoga easily achieves that. While it does not include any weights, holding the different positions in Yoga leads to body strain. The yoga burn dvd goes a step further than other option to fat burning in that, it involves exercising more muscles than weight lifting. According to experts, this results in a faster and more balanced fat reduction. Yoga achieves a heightened heart rate in the fast paced power Yoga workouts. Here you go through different fast-paced exercises like lunges using nothing but your body weight. The final step that most other methods of fat burning do not achieve is at improving sleep. Yoga helps your body release tension and tightness in the muscles. The result of this is reduced stress and longer sleeping periods.

Fat burning calls for four main activities these are consumption of healthy foods, strenuous activity, higher heart rate and a healthy amount of sleep. Yoga achieves three of these goals and beats most of the other mainstream ways of fat burning. This proves Yoga to be an accomplished way of reducing body fat.