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From the outside, it may seem as though an organization like ours needs only a few committed people to get the work done. However, when you consider the scope of our services, from phone inquiries, e-mail inquiries, newsletters, website updates, tours, crafts, legislative updates and so on - it takes many people and some great teamwork to get the best possible results. 

Without hard-working volunteers, and those who support them, organizations like SDHSA would never get off the ground. If you can spare some time on behalf of all South Dakota homeschoolers, we’ll be glad to have your help.  If you have been looking for a new way to involve yourself and/or your kids in community service or if you just want to expand your child's learning experience through volunteering, SDHSA offers its member parents this great opportunity.  No contribution of your time is too small!

HELP A COORDINATOR: Our Coordinators need the assistance of other group parents to continue providing the resources we do. Here are some examples of ways parents can assist our coordinators:

    Planning an Outing

    Arranging for a Speaker to Visit the Kids

    Hosting a Bonfire

    Sharing a Talent

    Helping to Clean Up After a Party

    Contributing to the SDHSA Newsletter

LEADERSHIP:  Your willingness to serve in a leadership position would be most appreciated, and every attempt would be made to place you in a role suited to your talents, interests and availability.  Some current coordinators may be interested in trying something different, so do not hesitate to inquire about any position. You are also welcome to suggest a leadership position not listed, particularly if you are willing to serve in that position!

    Administrative Support                          

    Craft Coordinator                                  

    Fundraising Coordinator                          

    Gym Coordinator                                   

    Legislative Watch Coordinator

    Life Event Contact

    Newsletter Coordinator

    Roots & Shoots Coordinator


    Special Activities Coordinator

    Special Needs Contact

    Tour Coordinator


    Website Coordinator  

Thank you for supporting the SDHSA!

Your donations are always welcome.

Click here for information on the SDHSA’s fundraising via box tops, labels, and milk lids.

Online Support & Leadership Opportunities Formhttp://www.sdhsa.org/Volunteer/Form.html
PDF Support & Leadership Opportunities FormVolunteer_files/Support%20and%20Leadership%20Opportunities.pdf

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